Handling geolocation the #emberjs way

mercredi 28 mai 2014
During my internship, I have to make a mobile application with Cordova. I decided to choose a framework. I googled. I first glanced at KnockoutJs but I was not quite satisfied with some objects of the framework. Then I learnt BackboneJs. I do not like how Views are rendered in Backbone (the router is nice and simple, so are the models and collections but I really struggle with Views in Backbone!). So I dismissed! My Javascript's knowledge has certainly to be augmented. I think this is certainly why I feel not comfortable with the View part in Backbone.

AngularJs is the rock star of client side MV frameworks and made me envious. I tried a simmple template with the Ionic framework and build a simple application with Cordova (I also used templates with Cordova, some projects I simply put in my www directory in my cordova project, nothing difficult with Cordova!).

Until I had a look at EmberJs. Coming from Rails - I have done some Rails with my friends of PastisRb, a local ruby meetup in Marseille - I'm predisposed to enjoy the readibility of emberjs because EmberJs extends in many ways the clarity of the ruby code with Javascript. I really appreciate reading EmberJs code! I feel like reading poetry.

I had like to share this snippet I found on jsbin :
How to get your current position for mobile in EmberJs
It helped me in handling geolocation in EmberJs. Thank you to the anonymous author of this code. The EmberJs community shares a lot (with jsbin snippets) and furthermore the documentation of is just awesome!
See you later! Guillaume

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